Kat McIver Figurative Ceramic and Mixed Media Sculpture
Unique creative expressions of a personal, spiritual journey and the vicissitudes of beingness.

SkyWalker - close-up
Working in clay, holding the quality of Mercy, has become my spiritual practice. It is one way I tend to the polishing of my own heart, to the deepening of my soul, and sense of compassion, for myself ? and thus for the world and Universe as a whole.
Luna's Gift close-up
As reliquary art these sculptures have been created with the intention for you to be able to honor someone or something in your life; whether it is a specific loved one, your ancestors, or an aspect of yourself. Every SpiritKeeper has a drawer, or opening in which to place, ashes, sacred relics, an intention, or a symbol.
A Mother's Prayer
These pieces are done in honor of the indigenous wisdom that resides in all of us. They point to the way of the heart, the knowing that comes from silence. They ask the questions: What is it that is really important? How do I bring love to the planet? How do I walk as a living Prayer.
The Scent of Light
Some things defy categories. These are pieces left from various series which are still available. I am always asking myself - where do these come from anyway!!
My Hands are Yours
My latest pieces exploring the light within and shamanism.

My art come forth from me through the Gift of Spirit and are offered to the Peace, Love, and Stillness that is alive in all of us and in all that is.


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